Wednesday , March 14th , 2018

Bridging Medical sciences with Technology

1. Dr.Vishal Rao, Surgical Oncologist, Member Committee on Tobacco Control, Govt. of Karnataka

Developing an innovative idea

1. Dr. Jagadish Chaturvedi, ENT Surgeon Director Innaccel, Author of Inventing Medical Devices 16 patents, involved with 5 companies in start up field, Developing an innovative idea

Academic benefits in MedTech Innovations

1. Dr. Ravi Nayar, Dean of Academics, HCg, Innovator, Mentor Med Tech Startups

Medical Perspectives

1. Dr. Srinivas D R, ENT Surgeon, Director & Co founder Cyclops, Journey of a start up in eye tracking devices for Vertigo
2. Dr. Gundu Srinivas, Paediatrician -Rainbow hosptial & Winner of Cam-Tech Hackathon 2017, Need for innovation in resource constrained settings

Engineering Perspectives

1. Dr. Shyam Vasudev Rao, Mentoring med tech startups - Lessons and Pearls
2. Dr. Bharadwaj, IIsc, Harnessing Medtech innovations potential in academia

IP & Regulatory

1. Ms. Bindu, Imagine, Innovate and Protect
2. Mr. Varun Trivedi, Regulatory Expert

Incubators Perspectives

1. Guhesh Ramanathan, Excubator - Creating Makers Spaces in Private Sector


1. Dr.Yathindra / Dr.Subramanya, Indentifying niche areas for for BioTech Innovations
2. HemBindu, Chairman & CEO - Elixis


2. Unitus Seed Fund Partner - Mukesh K L

Hands On

1. 3D Bioprinting
2. Yellow Sponge - VR Station


Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre
Bangalore Helix Biotech Park
Electronics City Phase 1
Bangalore – 560 100